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iPhone 7 Concept Shows Off Wireless Charging



While rumors of the iPhone 6s are beginning to pop up, the iPhone 7 is where the real magic will happen for Apple as far as the next major iPhone, and one new feature could be wireless charging.

The iPhone 6s likely won’t be a huge step-up from the iPhone 6, as Apple doesn’t do a lot with the second generation of a new iPhone, but when the iPhone 7 rolls around, the company will most likely introduce a new design and new features that blow the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s out of the water.

Yasser Farahi, a graphic designer from the Netherlands, has come up with some cool iPhone 7 renders that show off what the iPhone of the future could look like, as well as what wireless charging could be like on the new device.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 itself that Farahi designed is similar to the iPhone 6, but is a lot thinner and includes a thinner bezel, allowing for a larger screen without increasing the overall size of the phone. Whether or not Apple is thinking about this kind of design is up in the air.

One feature that Farahi dreams of, however, is wireless charging in the iPhone, and he comes up with what wireless charging could look like on the iPhone 7.

Wireless charging has been something that’s been rumored for the iPhone for quite a while, but is still MIA. Is it possible that we’ll see it come with the iPhone at some point? Who knows, really. Wireless charging isn’t new by any means, but its popularity hasn’t really taken off yet. Only a handful of smartphones have taken advantage of wireless charging, but it seems to be a feature that most manufacturers are staying away from.

iPhone 7

In Farahi’s designs, he shows the iPhone 7 with a wireless charging pad that looks like an iPhone itself, with a cord protruding from the bottom, which we’re guessing is the power cord that you plug into the wall. From there, the idea is to lay the iPhone on top of the charging pad in order to charge the battery within.

Of course, you’d still need a Lightning cable for syncing your iPhone with iTunes, but casually charging your device would take little effort and require no cables.

Wireless charging is a feature that we want to see with the iPhone 6s, but the likelihood of that happening this year is rather slim. Instead, we’ll probably have to wait until 2016 for the possibility of wireless charging for the iPhone 7, but even then we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave

    09/08/2015 at 2:35 pm

    This is THE one thing that’s keeping me from jumping ship from Android to iOS…even more so than the smaller screens that Apple used to use….(almost)

    Probably NOT though (thinking about it)…. The smaller screen of the IP’s was a MAJOR factor in me not switching over before, but now the IP6 is ‘almost’ up to a 5″ display I’d really consider it, BUT….and it’s a big BUTT (that I prefer ;) )…the wireless charging is just SO convenient, that now I cudn’t do without it, especially with removable/replaceable batteries becoming extinct nowadays!

    If the next iPhone has this too….I’d give it a go (money/cost is almost on par for each nowadays so that’s not a factor!),

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