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iPhone Amber Alert Shocks Bay Area iPhone Users



An Oakland iPhone alert shocked many iPhone users today as officials pushed out a mass alert to the iPhone and Android devices to help track down a 35-year old suspect who took an older black man and a teen hostage after robbing a convenience store.

Police issued an Amber Alert that arrived on many iPhones and Android devices in the Bay area sounding very loud alerts that caused confusion and terrified some users, especially those in public places who heard loud alerts sounding throughout a mall or shopping center.

The iPhone Amber alert asks citizens to look for a 35 year-old male that may be in a  2001 red Infinity QX4 SUV with a California license plate 6JFM648. At this time the suspect is still loose and may have a knife. Anyone that spots this vehicle or the man should call authorities immediately.

An iPhone Amber alert.

An iPhone Amber alert.

Many users report hearing the loud alerts in public places and reacting with surprise or fear about the ear-splitting noise that the Amber Alert sound makes on the iPhone or Android devices. If more than one device is in the room users will very likely hear multiple loud noises in succession. Depending on the device the sounds may come through in silent mode.

Twitter user reactions show many users in public reacted with surprise to the iPhone Amber Alert, and at least one reaction claims everyone promptly ignored the information. Currently searches for iPhone Amber alert on social media show these reactions as well as some users sending messages to friends who were in the area to make sure they are OK.

iPhone Amber Alerts and Android Amber alerts are a fast way for government officials to draw attention to missing children and can play a key role in tracking down a dangerous suspect and saving a life, so many officials appreciate this new feature, but it is possible to turn the Amber alerts off.

Here is what to do when you get an iPhone Amber Alert. To turn iPhone Amber Alerts off, go to Settings -> Notification Center -> Scroll all the way down and toggle AMBER Alerts off. This will stop any future alerts. This same are lets you turn off Emergency Alerts.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Frank

    02/12/2014 at 1:19 pm

    An AMBER Alert on my phone is fine. But, they’ve already sent me 6 of the same alerts over the last two days.

    Hey Oakland PD – we got the message, now shut up.

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