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iPhone Announcement: What We Expect at Apple’s IPhone Event



Apple will announce the new iPhone in a matter of hours, and while we are still waiting to find out if the new iPhone is the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5, there are a variety of opinions among the GottaBeMobile staff about what Apple will announce.

You can join us for coverage of the Apple Fall iPhone Event at 10 AM Pacific and 1 PM Eastern for iPhone 5 news, the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 release date, new apps and when you can get your hands on iOS 5.

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Will the iPhone 5 get a new look?

The iPhone 5 Could Look Like the iPad 2

Until the announcement, here’s what the staff at GottaBeMobile expects.

We all agree that Apple will announce a new iPhone of some type today, and that the next iPhone will be available on Sprint; but from there, things start to split.

Josh Smith

Apple eventI am betting on a new iPhone 5, with a new design and a faster processor. My hope is that this new iPhone has an aluminum back, like the iPad.

I think the cheaper iPhone will be the iPhone 4. The current 16GB model will be the $99 iPhone, and Apple will introduce an 8GB iPhone 4 which will be available free with a contract as well as available on pre-paid carriers.

I expect that Apple will announce the new Apple Assistant app, which lets you control your iPhone with your voice, and call it revolutionary. I think consumers will be excited, but will be hesitant to use it once they have the iPhone in their hands.

Xavier Lanier

Xavier gives us a five point breakdown of the announcement, which includes a surprise inclusion of 4G.

  1. I think we’ll see a redesign, but not the teardrop iPhone 5 that’s been floating around.
  2. The iPhone 4 will be the new iPhone 3GS, a relative bargain at $99 or less to compete with the cheaper Android devices.
  3. Sprint will be a big part of the announcement and we’ll see the carrier become an iPhone champion overnight and de-emphasizing Android.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg will take the stage and Facebook will be a focal point of the event.
  5. The iPhone 5 Will have 4G. Apple Can’t go another year (or more) without a 4G phone. Especially with all the iCloud and media integration. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t have 4G then people will still buy it…which means Apple might not intro 4G.

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K.T. Bradford

K.T. envisions a different approach regarding the cheaper 8GB iPhone and bets that we won’t see 4G in the new iPhone.

I say we will see a real iPhone 5 and not just a 4S. But the less expensive 8GB version will be an iPhone 5, too.

Kevin Purcell

Kevin mixes it up, and bets on 2 iPhone models with a big focus on the Apple Assistant app.

2 phones, iPhone 5 will have bigger screen with little other physical differences other than antenna. Software is key difference with voice. IPhone 4S will be the cheaper with only difference being better antenna and faster processor.

Above, you can see how Apple’s Assistant App might allow for advanced voice control of the iPhone 5.

Warner Crocker

Warner weighs in on Apple’s future in a full post, but my favorite part is highlighted below.

What I think we’ll see tomorrow is the beginning of the wave of news from Apple that will quietly see “new device news” moving to the back burner. It will take a while and yes, Apple will continue to come out with new hardware, but Apple is attempting to move on to a bigger play that will see it worry less about units sold than it will be about the number of folks who use its services and media. Most of that involves media and Apple has proven it can play on that field.

Adam Mills

Adam choses to agree with John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who has a knack for being right on Apple rumors. Here’s Adam’s two point iPhone announcement breakdown.

  1. iPhone 4S – upgraded iPhone 4 – focus is on the software this year, so no redesign.
  2. 8GB iPhone 4 is the cheaper iPhone model.

Adam thinks Apple will focus on iOS 5, highlighted in the video below, to sell the new iPhone.

Now that you know what we think might happen today, what do you think will happen at Apple’s iPhone event?


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