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8 Awesome iPhone Apps That Support Touch ID



While Touch ID is mainly used for unlocking your iPhone instead of entering the passcode, here are eight awesome iPhone apps that include Touch ID capabilities.

Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor is approaching the two-year mark of existence, and while it first launched with only the ability to unlock your device and confirm purchases in the iTunes App Store, its capabilities have expanded since then.

Last year during WWDC, Apple opened up Touch ID to third-party developers, allowing apps to take advantage of the fingerprint sensor technology. This means that developers other than Apple could use Touch ID in their apps, so any apps that may require a password to log in could use Touch ID instead, making it a lot easier to log into apps.

It’s been over a year since Apple opened up its Touch ID technology to other developers, which has given them plenty of time to update their apps and add Touch ID to the feature list.

Many popular apps now have Touch ID capabilities. Here are a handful of the best iPhone apps that now include Touch ID to log in and make the app more secure overall.



The Amazon app gives you mobile access to Amazon's giant superstore, allowing to purchase pretty much anything right from your fingertips, and the app now comes with Touch ID to log in.

It's more of a convenience feature than anything, so that you don't have to type in your password when you go to log in. Plus, if anyone gets a hold of your phone and tries to buy an industrial-sized pack of adult diapers as a prank, they'll need your fingerprint first before they can make the purchase.

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