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iPhone Camera Alternatives: 3 Great Apps



The iPhone’s camera has gotten better with each new model, but there are plenty of third-party options that have a lot more features. Here are three iPhone camera alternatives to try out if you’re getting bored with the stock camera.

The camera on the iPhone 5s is arguably one of the biggest features of Apple’s flagship device, aside from the convenient Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The device includes the best iPhone camera yet, allowing users to take great-looking photos, as well as take advantage of the 10-frames-per-second Burst Mode and the Slo-Mo video feature that lets you record video and play it back in slow motion.

There are plenty of third-party camera apps that  you can download from the iTunes App Store, and many of the them have different features that take advantage of certain parts of the camera, but they all have one thing in common: They all extend the capabilities of the stock camera app to allow you to take the kind of photos that you wouldn’t normally be able to take with the stock camera app.

There are plenty of camera apps that unlock many of the features that users can’t normally get with the stock camera app, and there are apps that allow you to add tons of different filters and even take panoramic shots that are much better than using the default panoramic mode in the iPhone’s camera app.

Plus, since many users are looking to make their iPhone their main picture-taking device, they need the camera function to be able to do a lot of different stuff in order for it to permanently replace their trusty point-and-shoot camera, so it’s important to have the best-possible camera app available.

However, while there are many camera apps that only focus on a single feature (panoramas, filters, etc.), we wanted to discover what the best full-featured iPhone camera alternatives were, so here are three iPhone camera alternatives that every photo and camera nerd should try out.



Camera+ is very similar to the stock camera app on the iPhone, except it's been given many doses of steroids.


The app comes with a similar user interface that you already know and love from the stock camera app, so the learning curve is fairly low. However, Camera+ adds a handful of features that you won't find in the stock camera app, like  horizontal and vertical levelers, live exposure information, advanced editing options, image stabilization and a burst mode for older iPhones that don't have the iPhone 5s's stock Burst Mode feature.


You can even have photos that you take automatically save to your iPhone's Camera Roll, or have them save in Camera+'s own "Lightbox" for editing later.


Camera+ costs $1.99 in the iTunes App Store and it's well worth a buy if you're looking to take your amateur photography to the next level. Many people I know heavily rely on Camera+ over the stock iPhone camera app for the reasons stated above.

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