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iPhone Case Brings Apple Nostalgia



While Apple’s products are now clad in silver aluminum or steel and glass, once upon a time Apple had injected color into its products. If you’re aching for a berry colored iMac of yore or a solid old-school Macintosh model, there’s now a case for your iPhone to give you the satisfaction of being an ‘OG‘ Apple geek before iPhones and MacBooks became en vogue in mainstream consumer culture.

The new iPhone cases designed by Schreer Delights will give your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S a feeling of nostalgia where colors and plastics were part of Apple’s design philosophy. Each case retails for just under $45, and it’s unclear how long these cases will last before Apple sends its lawyers knocking.

The cases protect the rear and sides of the iPhone, but not the front touchscreen; a simple screen protector can be applied if users are worried about scratches. Other than that, these cases are simple, playful, and fun.

There’s also a case that has a photo of an original click-wheel iPod for those who are fans of music.

Thanks to David G. for the tip.


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