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iPhone Case Takes on Galaxy S5 with Heart Rate Monitor and More



Samsung’s Galaxy S5 turned a lot of heads when it was announced last month, mainly due to the integration of a heart rate monitor and the accompanying S Health app, turning the phone into a health and fitness tracking device. The iPhone 5s’s M7 co-processor is taking on that challenge as well, but a new iPhone case claims to add way more functionality for the health conscious.

The Azoi Wello case, as it’s called, will be available for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s at some point in the fall this year, and it essentially tracks most of your body’s basic functions, including heart rate,¬†blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, lung functions and more.

The case itself is on the thin side, considering the microprocessor and two sensors that are tucked inside of it. Users simply place two fingers on top of the two sensors and the case takes a reading which lasts up to a couple of seconds. The case is connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth and all data is sent back and forth that way, instead of the case being plugged directly into the iPhone like a lot of battery cases.

The Wello has an internal battery that keeps the sensors and microprocessor going for two months on a single charge, and the case can also sync with a handful of health accessories, including WiFi scales and fitness trackers.

The Wello case is available for pre-order now for $199 and will launch at some point this fall, which is when the iPhone 6 is expected to be launched as well. A launch like this so late in the year might get a lot of people worried that the Wello is simply just vaporware, but hopefully Azoi will hold up their end of the promise and launch the case without any delays or problems.

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