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iPhone Chatter Generates Heat



Img024The iPhone is becoming one of those devices that is being talked about with both love and hate generating intense passions in both camps. But if you stay away from the heat and the extremes of either side and look in the middle there is some very interesting conversation going on. Here’s a quote from Publishing 2.0:

For those of you still wondering whether Publishing 2.0 has suddenly become a gadget blog, I can assure you there is method to this iPhone madness — there is not a publisher or media company who shouldn’t be tracking the iPhone closely. The iPhone is a window into the future of media. If you’re in media, and you haven’t at least played with an iPhone, it’s as mandatory as spending time with this interweb, series of pipes thing.

And Tableteer Loren Heiny is posting some observations on his iPhone and the experience. He’s posted his thoughts on comparing the iPhone to a UMPC covering everything from the marketing to to the purchasing experience in Part I of what promises to be at least a couple of posts. Check out his thoughts here.

There is also some interesting conversation going on in the GBM Forums on the topic.

And just for fun, guess which GBM Team member sent me the photo above.

The one thing that is apparent at this point: Steve Jobs and Apple have shifted the conversation on a number of fronts. From my perspective, I’m anxious to see how this all plays out down the road, especially as it relates to multi-touch. I think the story is just beginning to unfold.




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