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iPhone Comes to Sprint, Gets 4G…in an Ad at Least



Sprint is running an ad featuring the Overdrive 4G hotspot and an iPhone in an ad. No, the iPhone isn’t running on Sprint’s network, but they are highlighting that you can use the device to speed things up. You probably won’t see the Overdrive ad unless you live in one of the select markets where Sprint has already launched the Overdrive.

Part of me wants to say it’s bad form for Sprint to run an ad featuring the iPhone, but it actually demonstrates how I often use my Sprint MiFi. Since AT&T’s 3G network is spotty in San Francisco and a lot of other places I go, I use Sprint’s 3G network so that I can connect to Web sites and services reliably. For example, I almost always use the MiFi to stream Slacker Radio on my iPhone when I’m in my car.

Sprint sent over an Overdrive for us to try out, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to review the darned thing yet. I wasn’t able to get 4G speeds when I was in Seattle last month and now Ben Lang, who lives in Honolulu, is having trouble with the review unit as he’s testing it out for My wife was able to experience 4G with the Overdrive in Las Vegas on a short trip. She said it felt the same as browsing the Internet from home with our speedy cable ISP.

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