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iPhone iOS 7.1 Bug Allows Thieves to Disable Find My iPhone



Apple added on a layer of protection with iOS 7, requiring those who want to delete their iCloud account from their iPhone or restore it to factory settings must disable Find My iPhone first. Find My iPhone then requires you to enter your Apple ID password in order to do that. However, video proof shows that this feature can be bypassed.

The feature makes sure that phone thieves who steal your iPhone can’t avoid being tracked through Find My iPhone, and they must have your Apple ID password in order to reset the phone.

However, YouTube user Miguel Alvarado has discovered a workaround that prevents thieves from having to enter in a password in order to disable Find My iPhone. The video below demonstrates how it’s done: All you need to do is hit Delete Account and the Find My iPhone disable switch at the same time. Then, as you’re prompted for the Apple ID password, turn the phone off and turn it back on, and you’ll be able to dip into iCloud settings and go wild.

You’ll be able to delete the iCloud account without being prompted for a password. After deleting the iCloud account, you can plug the iPhone into iTunes and restore it to factory settings.

All of this means that Find My iPhone is pretty much useless. However, this means that there’s no perfect time than now to put a passcode on your iPhone. If a thief can’t figure out your passcode, then you’re perfectly safe from them tinkering with your iCloud settings.

iOS 7.1 comes with a handful of bug fixes and performance improvements, but we suppose it’s not perfect enough that every single bug can be patched up. We’ve seen several bypasses to the iPhone lock screen, even with a passcode, but this one we’re seeing today is rather unique. It just goes to show that not everything is as secure as you might think, so it’s always advised that you yield precaution and put a passcode on your iOS device before it’s too late.



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