Spike iPhone Keyboard Case Delivers BlackBerry Style Keys

The iPhone lacks a physical keyboard, but it doesn’t have to.

Users who need a physical keyboard to feel at home need to check out the Spike iPhone case on Kickstarter.

The Spike cases add a physical keyboard to the iPhone without covering up the screen all the time or requiring users to add an incredibly bulky bluetooth keyboard.

Spike physical iPhone keyboard

Special edition of Spike for Kickstarter backers.

The father son team brings years of keyboard creating experience to the project and a number of working prototypes shown off in the Kickstarter video below.

The Spike 1 is a keyboard case that switches between a physical keyboard and a full open screen much like many battery cases allow users to remove the phone. This two-part case is on Kickstarter for $25 with a retail of $35 when it launches.

The Spike 2 is a more advanced option that includes a keyboard that swivels from the front of the iPhone to the back when not in use. This is the prime version with a Kickstarter version available for $40 for early birds and $50 after that. The Spike 2 will retail for $60.

Unlike some iPhone keyboard case options, the Spike iPhone keyboard cases use a keyboard that fits right over the on-screen keyboard. This means users will not gain any screen space, but for users who can’t type fast or accurate on the iPhone keyboard this accessory could make the difference between using a BlackBerry and an iPhone. Check out a close up of the keyboard below.

iPhone physical keyboard

The Spike adds a physical keyboard to the iPhone.

The keyboard looks nicely constructed and we hope to go hands on with the Spike iPhone cases in the near future to see how the physical keyboard feels.

The Spike Kickstarter campaign runs through August 11th and is looking to raise $75,000.