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iPhone-like Keyboard for Pocket PCs



PcmkeyboardRob got quite a few folks excited last night by announcing that he’s purchased an iPhone. I love how he titled his post, “I Gave In…” The iPhone has certainly capture the imaginations and pocketbooks of many. Since I decided to go a different direction and picked up Sprint’s version of the HTC Mogul, I’ve been fascianted by how many folks in PocketPC land are interested in making their Windows Mobile phone look and act like an iPhone. Every site you visit has a range of utilities that simulate the iPhone features, and the forums are filled with info about it. Gee, I wonder what that says?

I’ve resisted that approach. Heck, if I wanted an iPhone right now, I’d have bought one. I’m sure I will someday, but not right now. That said, Colin Walker caught my eye last night by linking to a utility that adds an iPhone like keyboard to PocketPCs. PocketCM Keyboard installs and adds the keyboard via Windows Mobile SIP so it is available in any applicaton. I downloaded it and tried it out and it is indeed quite a nice implementation. It works very well on the HTC Mogul. A great advantage over the iPhone at the moment? It has built in cut and paste. I have to say, this is great addition to my Windows Mobile toolbox.

There is a video of the keyboard in action and the download is free if your interested. Seems like it is being updated almost twice a day at the moment.

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