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iPhone Prototypes Show Evolution of Apple’s Design



With the first of Apple’s trials with Samsung scheduled to appear next week, we’re seeing how Apple arrived at the designs of both the iPhone and iPad. Today we have some photos of prototype iPhones before the original iPhone launched in 2007.

The photos of the iPhone prototypes are all cataloged at BuzzFeed. The first story shows a collection or iPhone prototypes with varying designs including the Photon-esque iPhone we saw recently and a widescreen iOS device with a curved white back.

The most interesting out of these photos is the all aluminum iPhone that reminds us of the Nokia Lumia 900. The prototype, dubbed the P2 is from 2006, and uses a two-tone design that looks vaguely similar to the iPhone 5 leaks we’ve seen recently.

The P2 prototype uses an older version of iOS (then called iPhone OS) with icons ranging from the iconic curved squares we have now to a square stamp for mail and a stack of photos for the gallery. Almost all of the app icons on this prototype are different from what we have now, with only Weather and Stocks remaining the same through the years.

The P2 prototype also appears next to a Sony-inspired iPhone that looks very similar to the iPhone 4/4S that we have now. Interestingly Jonathan Ive said the design looked old back in 2006, five years before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 with a similar design.

All of these prototypes help show us how Apple arrived at the designs we have now, and how long it takes to perfect those designs. Some design aspect of each prototype showed up in a later iPhone, it just took a few years for some.

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