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iPhone Return Policy Quietly Drops to 14 Days



If you bought an iPhone in the past from an Apple retail location or on the online store, you were given 30 days to return it if you didn’t like it, provided that the device is undamaged and comes with all of the original accessories and packaging. However,Apple has quietly lowered that timeframe to just 14 days.

9to5Mac says that an internal document they received from a retail source indicates that the change will become official tomorrow, although changes have already been made on Apple’s website.

This puts Apple’s iPhone return policy right up next to the major carriers, who also offer only 14-day return timeframes to bring back a new device that you don’t like. However, this no longer gives buyers a reason to go to an Apple Store specifically if they were looking forward to the large 30-day return window.

iPhone return policy dropped to 14 days

Granted, even if customers wanted to return an iPhone on day 30, they would still get hit with early termination fees if they signed a contract with the wireless service provider, so the 30-day timeframe from Apple wasn’t too much to write home about, since consumers still had to be careful with carriers’ 14-day return policies.

However, it was nice to have 30 days to switch out iPhones if you wanted to. Customers could go in and switch colors or size options without it affecting their wireless service plan. I thought about doing this myself, seeing as the silver/white iPhone 5s was growing on me, but I ended up sticking with the space gray and I’m still happy with it.

Of course, if you got your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c on release day back in September, the deadline for returning or trading in devices is way overdue, but some non-early adopters are just now picking up these new phones, and this new return policy is definitely something that these folks should be aware of.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Larry

    03/12/2014 at 9:41 am

    That’s bs in California customer remorse law is 30 days cause t mobile pulled that!! I got 30 days at t mobile!! I work at a BBB better buisines buro office and they and carriers can do that but California state law says 30 days others states do vary

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