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iPhone Sale at Best Buy Knocks $50 Off All Models



Best Buy has been known to discount Apple products during the last couple of months. This time around, the retailer is chopping off $50 on any iPhone model that the store sells, meaning that you could get a 16GB iPhone 5 for free, a 16GB iPhone 5c for $50, or a 16GB iPhone 5s for $150.

Furthermore, if you ended up signing up for Best Buy’s $50 gift card promo before February 15, then you can use that towards the purchase of a new smartphone as well, as long as you use it before the end of the year, but you have plenty of time considering that it’s only February.

iPhone sale at Best Buy

The deal ends on Saturday, February 22, so you have a full week to look at all of the iPhone models and pick one that you like the most. Going with the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5 will save you some cash up front, while the iPhone 5s will get you the best iPhone experience, but you’ll have to cough up some cash up front.

Before this week’s iPhone sale, Best Buy’s latest deal was the iPad mini with Retina display, discounted to just $350, which is $50 off the normal $400 price tag. The electronics retailer also discounted the iPhone 5s down to just $125 as the store’s first sale of 2014, enticing customers to ring in the new year with a bang. Best Buy also took the iPad Air and slashed $50 from it late last month.

This latest iPhone deal certainly isn’t as good as past Best Buy deals, but it gives shoppers the opportunity to get the last-gen iPhone 5 for free after signing a two-year contract, which is certainly a good deal, given that the iPhone 5 is still a relevant phone, especially since the latest iPhone 5c is merely an iPhone 5 in disguise.

And since some people don’t have to work today, it might be the perfect time to take that day off and treat yourself to a new, discounted iPhone.

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