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11 iPhone SE Settings to Change Now



Here are the iPhone SE settings to change right now. These are the essential changes to your iPhone SE that will make your iPhone experience better.

We recommend changing these iPhone SE settings to get the most out of your phone, disable annoying options and set yourself up to use all the iPhone SE features that come with your phone.

Apple includes iOS 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1 on your iPhone SE and with it you get new features that the company just introduced this year. This will make it easier to use your iPhone at night and new options to make phone calls even when you don’t have a good signal.

If this is your first iPhone these are important changes that will help you get more out of your purchase. You don’t need to buy any extra accessories, apps or subscribe to services to use these options.

Here are the iPhone SE settings you should change.

Here are the iPhone SE settings you should change.

After using the iPhone for years we’ve discovered the best iPhone settings to change to remove some of the annoying parts of the iPhone — including one that might annoy people around you.

Even if this is not your first iPhone, you can use this list of iPhone SE settings to change to optimize your iPhone and use the newest features.

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We recommend spending a little time using the iPhone SE settings to understand what you can control and how you can customize your phone to better fit your needs and use.

Finish Touch ID Setup

Finish Touch ID Setup

When you set up the iPhone SE it prompts you to train one finger for Touch ID. Now is a good time to finish setting this up so that you can use your thumbs and fingers on both hands to unlock your iPhone SE.

We recommend using a passcode on the iPhone to keep your data safe, and training the phone to use your fingerprint is a faster way to get into your iPhone. You can also use it to buy apps and music or to make payments with Apple Pay.

Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Enter your Passcode -> Tap on Add a Fingerprint. Follow the on-screen instructions to add multiple fingerprints to your phone.

At the top of this settings option you can also turn on Apple Pay use and iTunes & App Store. We recommend using these. You will need to enter your Passcode to turn on iTunes and App Store options.

Once this is all set up you can unlock your iPhone, buy stuff on iTunes and in the store using your fingerprint.




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