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iPhone Spy Stick recovers your iPhone data, also good for spying



I really don’t approve of the way this product is being marketed, but as a data recovery and backup tool, the iPhone Spy Stick from Brickhouse Security grabs my attention.

While backing up your iPhone via iTunes is adequate for restoring your iPhone’s data from the last time you sync’d it, if you delete something between backups that wasn’t sync’d and backed up to a server, such as photos, you can pretty much kiss those good-bye. The iPhone Spy Stick offers a chance to undo such mistakes.

Just plug the stick and your iPhone into a PC and it promises to pulls all sorts of data from your device, including deleted messages, appointments, contacts, and photos; map history, including searched locations and places navigated; and (not deleted) notes, voice memos, multimedia files, and dynamic text data.

As a backup tool, the stick offers the advantage of making your data viewable and orderly. There does not appear to be a way to restore data downloaded from your iPhone aside from manual restoration, but it could be used in conjunction with the standard iPhone backup to create a mirror of the items that are in the backup file.

The cost to make your iPhone backup more transparent is $199. Expensive, but they are targeting people who are paranoid about their data (or their spouse’s activities). It is currently limited to iOS 3.2.1 with iPhone 4 support coming in October. No mention of if it works with the iPod touch and iPad, though if so, it would obviously be to much lesser effect. Again, I’m not crazy about the spy applications or marketing of the device (unless the team on Burn Notice uses it to crack an iPhone), but there’s nothing wrong with wanting your own data to be more transparent.

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  1. zholy

    08/18/2010 at 7:51 pm

    US$199 for a SQLite front-end and a fake iTunes data layer server? That’s too much expensive.poor… do you convert video to iphone?what software is better,how about Aneeosft,iFunia……Any one can give me some advice?Thanks

  2. myspy-online

    06/20/2012 at 11:09 am

    Hi, there is a program up to a meter indicating the location of the smartphone and there is an opportunity to see the sms, mms, picture, email and more…

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