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iPhone Trade-ins Grow 85% as iPhone 5 Release Date Nears



As the iPhone 5 release date gets closer, and we have additional confirmation of an iPhone 5 announcement date more iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 owners are selling their old iPhones to for top dollar.

Gazelle tells GigaOm that sales of old iPhone models spiked 85% this morning after additional confirmation of an October 4th iPhone event and likely iPhone 5 release within the next 30 days.

The gadget buyer will reportedly purchase over 2,500 iPhones this week, up from the 100 iPhones a day which it purchased before the launch of the iPhone 4.

This unprecedented amount of iPhone sales isn’t much of a surprise given the high amount of iPhone 5 demand and large number of iPhone 3GS owners looking for an upgrade.

NextWorth - iPhone Price Decline

The iPhone 4 caused a dip in iPhone prices before release. Expect a similar trend with the iPhone 5.

Based on past data this period is the best time to sell your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS for top dollar. Unfortunately, this means that you need to confirm the sale before Apple makes the announcement, but Gazelle and other gadget buyers have you covered. Most sites allow you to wait 30 days before you send your old iPhone in.

Currently the iPhone 4 16GB model on AT&T is going for $235 in Good Condition and $300 in Flawless condition. The iPhone 3GS 16GB model in good condition is worth $138 and worth $175 in flawless condition. For the best prices, check Nextworth, Gazelle and EcoSquid.

With an iPhone 5 announcement expected on October 4th, 13 days away, and iPhone 5 availability expected within a week or two of the announcement, you should have enough time to minimize or avoid your iPhone downtime.

If Apple doesn’t announce and release the iPhone 5 by the end of the 30 days, you don’t lose anything by not making the sale, so if you are interested in selling, you can lock in your price today without any worry over being stuck without an iPhone.

Still need some convincing to sell? Al Gore is on record as saying you ‘ll have an iPhone 5 in October.

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