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iPhones Account for 78% of Mobile Video Viewing [Infographic]



Where do you prefer to watch your movies? While many of you will point to your HDTV, there is a surprising amount of video watching happening on our computers and our mobile devices.

A new Infographic from Wistia explores where we watch the most video and how likely we are to watch the full video based on the device we are using.

I was a bit surprised to see that while watching videos on our mobile devices we are more likely to watch a long form video to at least 3/4’s than while watching on a desktop. The infographic doesn’t explain why this happens, but my best guess is that on a mobile we are more invested in the video and less likely to be distracted by another window or a notification.

When it comes to consuming videos on the go, the iPhone is at the top with 78% of mobile viewing. Having used both an iPhone 4S and several Android devices this makes loads of sense.

The iPhone has a number of video stores and video apps that don’t work on all Android apps. For example, when the iPhone 4S came out Hulu didn’t need to “test” and “license” the app to make it work like they did with the Galaxy Nexus.

Additionally the iPhone handles in browser videos better, launching to a standard full screen player instead of requiring users to interact with a small flash based player that has sporadic behavior.

Where do you watch most of your videos?

Mobile video Infographic




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