IRIS 9000 for iPhone and Siri Let You Control Your iPhone Across the Room

You can control your iPhone 4s via Siri from across a room using the forthcoming IRIS 900 voice control module from ThinkGeek. As they say on the product site it’s “… perfect for deep space missions” or, more practically, for controlling your phone while hooked up to an external video screen or a stereo system. Or just docked next to your computer on your desk for hands free interaction with the iPhone 4S.

The system has a very Hal 9000 (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) looking red eye  and a stand for your iPhone 4S. An included remote has a button that engages Siri when pushed. You speak into the mic, which ThinkGeek claims can pick up your voice from across a room. Also, the speaker in the unit amplifies the Siri voice. You can use this as a speaker phone to make/receive calls or send text messages. Hook up to your stereo and while seated on the couch tell your phone to play some tunes. Set appointments or reminders as you get dressed in the morning.

IRIS 9000 voice control system for iPhone 4s and Siri

The cool factor comes from the glowing eye. My wife might kill me if I put one next to our TV, but I might just take the chance with this thing. It would be nice if they also made a more subdued looking version for people like my my wife who would love the functionality without the sci-fi styling. Check out their rather strange demo video below:

The IRIS 9000 will cost $59.99 and won’t be available till next year. You can follow this link to get notified when it ships. Check out the details and then hit the Email Me button.