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Is 5 Minutes Enough With The Nokia N810?



Quite an article over on Information Week talking about the Apple iPhone and the Nokia N810.  Some of the readers comments and comebacks are really interesting.  To get the full effect of the article, you have to read the initial article the guy wrote after spending only 5 minutes with the N810. 

One comment that gave me a blast from the past – and there is probably a lot of readers of this site that had one too….

With the exception of the display size and keyboard, the N810 is roughly equivalent to the hardware specs of the PC I used in 1997. It surfed the Web, played music, and probably could’ve played video if there was any to be played.

Of course that is taken out of context, but if you really think about that, it’s true.  We have these devices in our palms that 10 years ago were sitting under our desks.  iPhone, N810 or UMPC any way you look at them, they are an advancement that makes us all the mobile people we are today.  Head on over and read the article and see what you think of the comparisons.

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