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Is a Tablet PC an accessory?



I was browsing Dell’s website today looking at their PDA’s when I noticed something a bit out of place: Tablet PCs placed alongside Palm Handhelds, GPS Devices, and Axim Accessories. When you click on the Tablet PC link, you see Motion’s tablets and Samsung Q1 UMPCs listed, as they resell them.

Hmm..the last I checked, the Tablet PC was a full notebook computer that you could also write on. Seems to be a strange place to put Tablet PCs, don’t you think? I would think a better place would have been to group them with notebook computers, to help encourage the fact that Ultra-Mobile PCs and Tablet PCs are regular notebooks with extra functionality.

When Dell does come out with a Tablet PC, I wonder if they will put it with their handhelds or with their notebook category? When they advertise their new Tablet PC, will they describe it as an accessory?

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