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Is Dell Doing the Old Switcheroo with Mini-9 Batteries?



dellmini9batteryLooks like there might be a controversy over the batteries shipping with the Dell Mini-9 Netbooks. Apparently users have discovered that there is a discrepancy in the ratings of the batteries. While they all appeared to be rated and marked for 32Wh, after testing some are only yielding 24Wh.

Speculation and guessing covers everything from poor quality control to Dell trying to add to their margins. I’m guessing we will see some clarification on this at some point, but in the meantime if you’re seeing less than what you expected in battery life you might want to give your battery a look. Accordign to jkkmobile if the number on your battery begins with KR it’s the 24Wh battery. If it begins with CN, you got what you thought you got.

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