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Is GLAS.t the Ultimate iPhone Screen Protector?



I can’t answer that right now, but from what I am reading and watching, it sure seems to be.

If you are like me and many others out there and don’t like using cases often, you need to make sure your screen is protected. You never know when you will throw keys or change in your phone pocket without thinking. I’ve done it so many times! That metal smacking up against your bare screen isn’t good!

GLAS.t is a screen protector unlike any other screen protector you’ve seen so far. Instead of a thin sheet of plastic to protect your iPhone’s glass, it uses more glass. Yes, glass… seriously.  The GLAS.t is 0.4mm thick and made with chemically treated, transparent tempered glass. The back of the GLAS.t is coated with a silicon adhesive making installation easier and if it’s applied correctly, you won’t have any gaps for dust and will not affect the screen’s sensitivity.

I wouldn’t want to try this myself, but this video shows some touch abuse of an iPhone using one of these.

The GLAS.t screen protector is being sold and marketed by Spigen SGP, a company out of Los Angeles that sells other smart phone accessories like cases and other screen protectors. They have products for many popular smart phones, but the GLAS.t is only available for the iPhone 4 and 4S currently.

The GLAS.t can be purchased for $27.99 from Spigen SGP’s website. You can get a look at what comes with the kit in a 1st Look over at iLounge as well.

If any of you have actually tried this product out, let us know. It sounds almost too good to be true.



  1. EDy

    02/06/2012 at 9:29 am

    Works great

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