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Is GoBinder 2006 an upgrade?



I received the following email from a friend of mine who uses Franklin Covey’s Plan Plus for Windows and recently ““upgraded” from version 4.0 to 5.0. Plan Plus uses the same foundation system as GoBinder 2006. What I’ve been reading on , Agilix’s support forum, and this email really has me concerned.

Have you played with the new PlanPlus yet? It is BUGGY and SLOOOOOWWW! I cannot believe the most important program I use daily has become a big muddled porky. Is GoBinder any faster/better? I have complained twice to FranklinCovey and they have told me they’re working on it. But I can’t believe that they would release the program in this condition. Not one earlier version has had this many problems or is this slow.

Overall sluggishness, bugs, and sync issues are causing people to really question the value of upgrading, even though the upgrade is free. Much of the sluggishness is being attributed to porting over to .net 2.0; however, I’ m becoming very concerned that Franklin Covey and Agilix have got a big problem on their hands that needs to be addressed quickly in a very public manner about their plans and acknowledgement of the problems. An email to all registered users is very much needed. In addition, answer these users problems on the buzz support forum — its’ your forum, participate in it.

Because I’d been beta testing GoBinder 2006 since last year, I was very surprised when Agilix officially released it several weeks ago. In my book, it just wasn’t ready — too many bugs, too slow. What I was really surprised about was when Franklin Covey announced their release of Plan Plus 5.0 in the middle of the GoBinder beta. Do Franklin Covey users have early beta builds of GoBinder 2006? Makes me wonder.

Take all of the above thoughts from a person who has been using GoBinder and Tablet Planner from day 1 and have evangelized the product from the beginning because I love their product and I really like the folks at Agilix. I want to see them succeed, but I’m more concerned about what this is doing to the users who depend on the product.

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