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Is Google Creating an MID?



There’s been a lot of rumors flying around about a possible Google cell phone being in development, nicknamed the gPhone. Today’s article at the Wall Street Journal suggests that the phone is a reality and might not be that far in the future. Google is reportedly in talks with Verizon and Sprint to offer the device.

As interesting as a Google phone might be, which really has me interested are the rumors about the operating system. According to GigaOM, the phone will run a special Google Mobile OS based off of an optimized Linux build. This could be an interesting development. With the Intel/Microsoft Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) being based off of Linux, this seems pretty well positioned to be the first MID available. From a cell phone carrier, no less.

I can fantasize that the Google Phone will actually have a real web browser. It really ought to…

via Engadget, GigaOM

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