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Is HP Teasing a New webOS Smartphone or Tablet?



HP is teasing a new webOS device in advance of the company’s webOS press event scheduled to happen next week. The company has posted a teaser video on YouTube on Palm’s channel.

After its acquisition of Palm, HP has stated its commitment to integrate webOS into more of the company’s products. HP is rumored to be bringing a number of new webOS smartphones to market, along with a new tablet, codenamed Topaz though the final name is unknown as the USPTO had rejected HP’s initial filing of the PalmPad brand for the slate device.

Thus far, webOS devices have been limited to two form factors embodied by the Pre line and the Pixi line. The Pre, Pre Plus, and Pre 2 devices utilize a portrait-oriented sliding form factor, not unlike the BlackBerry Torch, and the Pixi line, which comprises the Pixi and Pixi Plus, utilizes a portrait-oriented touchscreen with a front-facing keyboard, similar to the Droid Pro and BlackBerry Torch, Bold, and Curve, though the latter three have a landscape-oriented non-touch display and front-facing keyboard. Many expect HP to expand the form factors for webOS, including using an all-touch device and bringing some tablets to compete with the iPad and the upcoming slew of Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets.

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  1. Kevin

    02/03/2011 at 10:33 am

    Let’s hope it is both and with something really new ….. competition is getting real tough …..time for webOS to show up and really compete!

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