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Is Lenovo Cooking Up a Honeycomb Tablet for this Summer?



The Engadget expats who blogging up a storm at This is My Next… until their new venture debuts this fall seem to like breaking exclusives. Now whether or not these exclusives are the real deal or not we’ll all have to play wait and see. After dropping news on an iPhone 5 design change that is supposed to be vastly different than what expectations have been to this point, now comes word that Lenovo might be getting ready to drop a Honeycomb Tablet this summer.

And this, Honeycomb Tablet is supposed to have a digitizer and/or pen option (or so the slides say) that might make for some digital Inking goodness. The 10.1 inch device has an IPS display and run the Tegra 2 platform. You can check out all the slides here, but also check out the UPDATE that references a comment that says these slides are copyrighted 2009.

Joanna Stern who blogs this exclusive looks past that date and says this is very much in the works. Well, we should find out soon enough.

On another note of interest, calling this a ThinkPad Tablet has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?





  1. UK Hosting Reviews

    04/25/2011 at 10:19 am

    Expecting a corker of a tablet from lenovo!!..

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