Is Lenovo Readying an X200 Tablet PC?
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Is Lenovo Readying an X200 Tablet PC?



x200 slI guess my eyes are failing me. Last night Engadget broke a post on some details of future Lenovo’s future X200 Thinkpads. I combed over the info with what I thought was my usual eagle eye, but couldn’t find an indication about anything Tablet PC there. That wasn’t the case with a jkOnTheRun reader who spotted info about the Ultrabase accessory that referred to X200 and X200 Tablet. Hmm?

The X200 is a smaller thinner design, has a 12 inch widescreen, and is running a 2.4Ghz Intel Centrino 2. It also comes with an SSD. We’ll have to see how this turns out. (Note the picture is of the X200 SL series not a Tablet.)


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