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Is Microsoft Bringing Siri to the Living Room with the Xbox One?



Microsoft’s Xbox One could deliver what Apple has so far been unable to do, Siri in the living room.

This new feature, which was described to Polygon by a user who was asked to test the feature by company executives involves users being able to have two-way conversations with their Xbox One, similar to the way Apple’s Siri voice assistant interacts with users on Apple’s iOS.

During the sources’ testing, the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor used facial recognition to identify the users in the room who it was familiar with and then informed the room that it didn’t recognize someone. It then asked that new player to identify themselves. After they’d told the system their name, it then welcomed them and saved their information for use in the future.

Polygon’s report also asserts that Microsoft told testers that the feature would be something akin to the way “iPhone’s Siri” works. The outlet believes that the feature may not make it into the Xbox One at launch, though if it doesn’t it’ll debut soon after.

The Xbox One could feature Siri-style voice control.

The Xbox One could feature Siri-style voice control.

This source also detailed a way in which users would be able to ask other Xbox LIVE players for help completing tasks in games over the console’s Skype messaging application. Reportedly, the site’s source was able to hand off the completion of a game to another user on a different Xbox One with the push of a button. It’s unclear what restrictions like possible time limits will be imposed on this feature.

That feature isn’t altogether different from the sharing system that Sony detailed during its press conference for the upcoming PlayStation 4 earlier this year.

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A voice for the company’s Xbox One would be a natural extension of the features currently available to users of the Xbox 360 with Kinect. The console is currently able to identify and interpret the voice of users today. It also allows users to search their Xbox with commands using its Bing Search engine, for example users can say “Xbox, Bing Harry Potter” and have the search engine display results on the service.

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Microsoft has announced that it will make the Xbox One available to users sometime this year, though it did not detail an exact date of its arrival on store shelves nor how much the console will actually cost.

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