Is Nokia Already Back Pedaling on New Naming Convention? Now Asks Users to Name New Windows Phone Models
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Is Nokia Already Back Pedaling on New Naming Convention? Now Asks Users to Name New Windows Phone Models



Nokia, which had recently announced that it would change its smartphone naming convention to a three-digit number where the higher the hundreds digit would indicate a better, more feature-rich phone. However, in light of Nokia’s new branding efforts for its smartphone, it looks like the company wants a more catchy, memorable name for its Windows Phone 7 hardware and is now asking consumers to name the device.

Head of developer marketing for Nokia, Chanse Arrington, asked followers on Twitter to help the company name the phone in a survey, which lists six possibilities with a seventh option for users to submit their own name for a Nokia-made Windows Phone 7 handset.

The options given by Chanse and Nokia are:

  1. Fusion (No way, it reminds me of Fusion Garage and that TabCo crap farce)
  2. Genesis (In the beginning…)
  3. Phoenix (Nokia rising out of the Ashes? Also the flashing software :p)
  4. EZ (WTF?)
  5. Elite (pretentious much?)
  6. Challenger (sounds like a car)
  7. Suggest own name

It’s unclear at this point if Nokia intends on sticking with the three-digit convention that it has already begun employing with its newer Symbian hardware announcements, or if the company will also add a memorable and catchy name to the mix or even supplant that three-digit scheme with a name. Samsung, for example, uses the Galaxy branding for its smartphones running the Android OS and Wave for those devices running the Bada OS. Verizon Wireless has the Droid moniker and HTC has the EVO brand, which the manufacturer is using with U.S. carrier Sprint.

Whatever the case may be, Nokia needs to decide on how to market its phone and stick with it. Changing the naming conventions too many times will only confuse the average consumers.

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  1. Anonymous

    08/30/2011 at 1:02 pm

    They aren’t changing anything, it’s just that Americans are obsessed with silly names for phones :P

  2. Anonymous

    08/30/2011 at 4:15 pm

    I voted for Nokia Halo COME ON!
    The Nokia Halo 1, 2 and 3… get it XD

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