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Is the iPhone 5s Still Worth Buying?



The iPhone 6 is now out in full force after over a month of being on the market. It’s Apple’s latest flagship smartphone and while many consumers are looking to buy the latest and greatest, other buyers are looking at older iPhones for a cheaper deal.

Apple still sells the iPhone 5s, and you can grab one for just $99 if you sign a two-year contract. This is a big deal if you don’t want to save some cash up front, but is the iPhone 5s still worth buying?

While the iPhone 5s was seen as a modest upgrade from the iPhone 5 (especially without a major redesign), it’s still a device that saw many “firsts” for the iPhone, including Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor and several new camera features, including Slo-Mo video.

It also included a faster processor in the form of Apple’s A7, as well as the first motion co-processor from Apple, called the M7, which allows users to easily track fitness data like running distance and steps taken.

iPhone 5s

However, now that the device is a year old and there’s a newer iPhone out, should consumers completely dismiss the iPhone 5s, or is it still a viable option for frugal consumers?

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6

Before we can see if the iPhone 5s is still worth buying today, we have to compare it to the iPhone 6 and see if the all the newer features in Apple’s latest flagship is worth the higher cost, or if buyers would be better off getting the iPhone 5s.

Currently, the iPhone 6 leads the pack, and it starts at $199 after signing a two-year contract. The iPhone 5s is the mid-tier option starting at $99.

The iPhone 6 comes in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacities, while the iPhone 5s has 16GB and 32GB options available. If you don’t need more than 32GB, then the iPhone 5s is definitely still worth a look.


One thing that makes the iPhone 6 a great purchase is the larger screen and the thinner design, which buyers will love. The iPhone 5s’s 4-inch screen isn’t terrible, but you’ll hate it once you try out the iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch display or even the iPhone 6 Plus’s 5.5-inch screen.

The iPhone 6 also supports Apple Pay and has a ton of new camera features that the iPhone 5s doesn’t have.

Of course, if you’re a more basic user and don’t need most of these features, the iPhone 5s is worth a gander, especially considering its new lower price.

Is the iPhone 5s Still Worthy?

What’s perhaps the biggest selling point for the iPhone 5s is its price. It’s only $99 after signing a contract, and while it would cost you over $550 to buy it off-contract from Apple directly, you can easily find used models on eBay for around $350. This is an absolute steal for what you get.


The way I look at it, if you you’re on contract and are eligible for an upgrade, you may as well get the iPhone 6, as it will only cost $100 more than the iPhone 5s and you’ll get a way better device.

However, if you’re a prepaid subscriber who has to pay full price for every phone you buy, the iPhone 5s is probably the better choice, simply because you’ll pay a lot less for it and are still getting a lot of phone.

As for buying the iPhone 6 off-contract for $650, I’m not quite sure if spending that much money is worth it, considering you can get a used iPhone 5s for nearly half that cost. In fact, if you can, it would totally be worth it to snatch up an iPhone 5s right now off-contract. It’s still a great device and it’s permanent lower price just makes it better.

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1 Comment

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