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Is There a Dock On Your Desk? Lenovo Wants Your Input



Inside The Box, the Lenovo blog, has an article that talk about something we don’t think of here much where people are ‘mobile’ all the time..  But there are also those that are mobile and also have to be a the desk a lot too. (That’s me) 

While it is centered around Lenovo computers, the article still puts out an interesting perspective on docking and the designing of docks.  I have never seen or been in an office where ‘hot desking’ was in place, so that take on the dock idea never really crossed my mind:

Customers who use ““hot desking” love this compatibility. Hot desking is often used in sales or other environments when users are commonly away from the office. Instead of giving each person a dedicated desk, users can drop in to the office once every so often, find an empty desk, and then sit down and work. This saves real estate space since on average only a small percentage of people will come by the office to work.

Read the full article over on Inside The Box and give comments if you wish.  My first comment would be support for at least DVI, HDMI would be a bonus, but not necessary.  What’s the most important thing for you in a dock?

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