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Is There a Resurgence of Interest in Inking?



I’ll answer the question in the title with a big yes, but that’s one man’s opinion. We’re seeing a small boomlet in Ink Blogging. InkSeine has generated more interest in Inking and using a pen on a Tablet PC than we’ve seen in awhile. There’s no wonder there, we haven’t seen any new applications in a long time that take advantage of Inking and the pen on Tablet PCs and UMPCs. For the Twitterer’s out there, Vasanth Dharmaraj is working on an interface to allow you to compose your Tweets in Ink. (Dubbed this morning on Twitter as a Twink by Joel Johnson, a name I like a lot.) Why the resurgence?

Applications that take advantage of Ink and the pen. That’s my $.02. What’s yours?


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