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Is this a Tray of iPhone 5S Batteries?



The iPhone 5S release could arrive in late September or Early October, and new photos show that manufacturers may already be ramping up for iPhone 5S production.

Early this morning a photo showing trays of batteries appeared online, which the leaker claims are iPhone 5S batteries waiting for an iPhone battery connector to be attached before heading to assembly lines for the iPhone 5S.

The leaked photo comes by way of, which previously leaked several alleged iPhone 5S parts and has a history of providing Apple leaks. The photo below allegedly shows trays of iPhone 5S batteries stacked and waiting for a final piece before being shipped off to Foxconn where the assembly will likely take place.

Do these trays contain iPhone 5S batteries?

Do these trays contain iPhone 5S batteries?

In the photo we see 24 batteries on the surface and what appears to be a stack of 40 or more trays, which means we could be looking at roughly 500 batteries. That’s assuming these are iPhone 5S batteries and not just random batteries for a phone or an iPhone knockoff. There is also a possibility that they are iPhone 5 batteries waiting for markings and connectors.

A set of previous iPhone 5S leaks showed room for a larger battery and a battery with a slightly higher capacity, but none of the leaks are verified, which means it is not clear if Apple is planning to put a bigger battery in the new iPhone . There is hope for better iPhone battery life with the iPhone 5S though. Apple recently delivered a huge battery life gain on the MacBook Air with a small battery size increase and more efficient internals.

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iPhone 5S leaks are growing as the rumored September launch approaches. Recently leaks of an alleged iPhone 5S back appeared, showing a new pill-shaped dual-LED flash. One recurring rumor is a dual-LED flash and a better camera sensor. Apple upgraded the camera in the iPhone 4S and in the iPhone 5, and will likely do the same with the iPhone 5S.

While there are certain to be new iPhone 5S features, the overall look of the iPhone 5S should match the iPhone 5. Some rumors claim the new iPhone will come in a variety of colors, but this remains to be confirmed.

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