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Is this the First Look at the iPhone 6?



Three new photos show what could be the first look at a new iPhone 6 with rounded edges and more iPad Air-like design that features more metal and a camera that sticks out the back like an iPod touch.

Three photos leaked on a Chinese social media site that are reportedly from inside Foxconn, where Apple makes the iPhone. Two of the photos show what could be an iPhone 6 in some type of machining area and a third shows a diagram that points to specific parts of a new iPhone design.

A leaked photo in February turned out to be a fake. It is impossible to tell if these photos of a screen, not of an actual device, are the real deal. They look similar to leaked schematics that appeared online last week and which were part of an iPhone 6 concept. This could corroborate the earlier leak or this could simply be a fake created with the schematic.

Three possible iPhone 6 photos arrive from China.

Three possible iPhone 6 photos arrive from China.

GforGames spotted these three potential iPhone 6 photos on Weibo. This is a social networking site that is popular in China and is often the source of leaked device photos and rumors. This is the first major leak the Gotta Be Mobile team covered from this source, so it is not possible to add any certainty to the poster’s claims.

The two potential iPhone 6 photos that include a metal case show a design that shares curves with the iPad Air and the iPad mini. These are much different than the straight sides and chamfered edges of the iPhone 5s.The back of this iPhone 6 design features small breaks in the metal design at the top and the bottom of the iPhone were glass sits on the current iPhone. This part of the design is similar to the new HTC One M8 that uses two similar areas to allow antennas to function better in a metal smartphone.

A potential iPhone 6 photo.

A potential iPhone 6 photo.

It appears the lens of the camera protrudes a little bit based on the sketch photo, and slightly on the photo above which shows the design in better lighting. It appears that the pill shaped flash is missing, which would be a very odd move for Apple after using the dual-LED flash as a selling point for the iPhone 5s.

The background in the photos appears to be part of a machine that may play a role in finishing the overall look of this device. In the iPhone 5 design video Apple showed a machine that finished the edges of the iPhone on a small pedestal. This is not an exact match, but perhaps it is a glimpse at a similar style machine that is not propped for a film crew.

The iPhone 6 is the name given to the new iPhone for 2014 by potential buyers, press and analysts. Rumors suggest Apple is planning an iPhone 6 with a larger display with a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch model most often rumored. The iPhone 6 release date is rumored for fall. Check out the latest iPhone 6 rumors for more info.



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