Is This the Nexus 5?

A new Google video showing the unveiling of the Android 4.4 KitKat statue has seemingly revealed something else, a strange looking Nexus device that doesn’t appear to be the Nexus 4 and could very well be the Nexus 5.

With Android 4.4 KitKat officially confirmed for arrival sometime in the future and the Nexus 4 8GB now discontinued, all eyes are now on Nexus 5 rumors which have sprouted up in recent weeks. Rumors have suggested that the Nexus 5 could be an LG device based on the LG G2 just as the Nexus 4 was based on the LG Optimus G. There are also rumors that suggest that at least one Nexus smartphone will be built by Motorola and that that device won’t be the same as the Moto X that we saw arrive a few short days ago.

That mystery has been fueled today by an image found within Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat video that shows the company celebrating the statue’s unveiling on the Google campus. The image, first noticed by Droid-Life, is of an unknown Nexus device that is branded with the Nexus name but doesn’t appear to be the Nexus 4 or the Nexus 7. Instead, it’s something entirely different.

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Is this the Nexus 5?

Is this the Nexus 5?

The device shows up at the 39 second mark of the video clip clearly shows a device with a Nexus logo and what appears to be massive camera sensor.

There are also claims that it has an LG logo though that remains unconfirmed. It’s possible that this is a prototype, the rumored Sony Xperia Z Nexus, or perhaps, something bigger, maybe the LG Nexus 5. The device is not identical to the LG G2 though that isn’t surprising. The Nexus 4 used a design that was different than the LG Optimus G’s.

Google is known to toss easter eggs inside of its videos so it’s possible that the company is doing something similar here, teasing users before the Nexus 5’s eventual launch. We’ve also seen the complete opposite happen. Some sites claimed to have discovered the new Nexus 7 lurking in a video when in reality it wasn’t.

The design is different than LG's G2.

The design is different than LG’s G2.

The company has since removed the video without explanation, a sign that it may have spilled the beans before its Nexus 5 launch date later on this year. It’s possible that Google will re-release the clip without the device in question though that remains to be seen.

Rumors suggest that the Nexus 5 will arrive in October, possibly in late October, mirroring the Nexus 4 launch which took place last October. If the Nexus 5 follows in its footsteps, it could mean a release in mid-November ahead of the holidays.