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ISVs are stepping up to the plate



Emulator for Ultra Mobile PCLora posts another helpful entry on what developers can do right now to help position their company’s applications for the Ultra Mobile PC. I’m really looking forward to seeing these applications and how well they scale on the UMPC.

I’m preparing to do an InkShow on an tablet pc application called TabletCalendar that would be a perfect fit for the UMPC — very simple, light weight app for calendaring Ã¢â‚¬” no frills. Its’ got UMPC written all over it. The problem is that the pen buttons are too small for touch, and although the screen will fit the 800 width, the maximize button doesn’t work, thus the screen is locked in at 660 pixels and won’t maximize the width of the display to take advantage of the full 800 pixels of screen real estate. These are the things that the UMPC emulator can show you, the developer, and help you address.

From Lora: Here is what you can do today to help position your company:

  1. Download the UMPC Display Emulator and test your application.
  2. Enroll at the ISV partner program.
  3. Email your technical questions to [email protected], along with a description of your current or new UMPC application, and user scenarios.
  4. Don’t forget to tell Microsoft when your new UMPC ready app is complete! Then, you can talk about things from getting your app on demo images to co-marketing opportunities.


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