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It is busy out there!



I was talking with Dennis last night and he has been slammed with network support all week – 12 – 15 hours days. I’ve been heads down programming all week, trying to wrap up several web projects. A quick look online at Messenger and I see Trevor and Tracy of are behind the 8 ball with finals at school, Josh had to reformat his computer yesterday (talk about knocking out your productivity for a day or two).

Other folks I’ve talked to this week are really, really busy as well – just slammed. My wife and kids had three funerals / memorials to attend this week – that’ll knock the wind out of your sails. My next door neighbor, a tech guy, had to pull some all-nighters this week. Another friend of mine had to travel out of the state at the last minute.

What has your week looked like? Are you working all weekend like a couple of folks I know?  How do you recouperate after a knock-down drag-out , caffeine induced week? Do you typically un-plug from your tech stuff?

Me? I really need to work all weekend, but I’m taking the weekend off, headed for some needed downtime in the mountains with some friends of mine.

If you can, try to unplug this weekend. For a different spin on “GottaBeMobile”, go for a bike ride or go for a walk. For myself, I’ve found that I when I force myself outdoors, it does wonders for my ability to recover from weeks like this and prepare me for the following week. The sunshine will do you good. 

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