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It’s a Mobile Day for Rob



I’m wrapping up production on another MobileDemand InkShow ( look for it later today / tonight ), and then headed out to a client for the rest of the day.

What am I taking with me?

  • TC1100 Tablet PC for note-taking. Been loving using a TC1100 as a pure slate the past week. Wanna know the feature I love the most? The built-in stands that angle the slate up about 10 – 15 degrees. It makes note-taking a pure joy.
  • MacBook running Vista and OS X. My family bought this for me for my birthday. I sold my MacBook last year and totally regretted it.
  • iPhone – access to Google Reader, email, and more
  • Tom Bihn Buzz Bag – the best mobile bag on the market in my opinion.

That’s it. Gonna be there the rest of the day doing SQL Server and ASP work.  I do all my project planning and code organization using MindManager, which is available in both Mac and PC versions.

Where are you working today, what are you taking with you, and why?

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