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Cool Companies Are Everywhere in Silicon Valley



It’s easy to take tech for granted when you live in an area that’s home to so many techies and the companies they’ve built.   But every once in a while I still get a rush when I realize the density of cool companies we have here.

I met with Ziv Gillat, one of Eye-Fi’s founders, to sho0t an InkShow an at the company’s headquarters. I parked in front of Eye-Fi and immediately noticed that they had quite a few neighbors that you’re probably familiar with. The stuff that’s made in this one little office park is simply amazing. Evernote is my go-to note taking tool since there are clients for every device I use, FriendFeed is an incredible sharing site and Eye-Fi is changing how people share and store images. I’ve never use The Find before, but that’s probably because I’m not fashionable enough.

I didn’t realize Evenote was so close to Eye-Fi, otherwise I would’ve tried to setup an appointment with Evernote today. I did manage to get in touch with an Evernote contact while I was visiting Eye-Fi, but we had schedules.   I’m going to try and stop by Evenote after I meet with Fujitsu next week.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mark (K0LO)

    06/11/2009 at 1:17 pm


    I used to love visiting Silicon Valley to call on customers. Besides the familiar company names in the industrial parks, one thing that always struck me was the billboards along the 101 freeway that advertised the latest IC from AMD or Intel — ads that only an engineer would understand.

    Have a Sunday brunch at Pedro’s for me some day — I miss them.

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