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It’s Not too Late to Pay for the iPhone 5 With an Old iPhone



The iPhone 5 arrives in stores tomorrow, and users upgrading from an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S can sell their old iPhone to pay for almost the full cost of the iPhone 5.

iPhone trade in prices dropped over the past week at many locations, but Amazon and eBay Instant are offering amazing deals on old iPhones.

For users eligible for an upgrade, even the iPhone 4 can fetch $200 in cash, which is enough to cover everything but tax on the iPhone 5.

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Both Amazon and eBay Instant Sale buy the old iPhone directly, so there is no need to deal with eBay buyers or wait for someone to make a payment. Enter the condition of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and see how much Amazon and eBay will pay.

Best iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S Trade in Prices

iPhone trade in pay for iPhone 5

iPhone 4 trade in price.

eBay Instant Sale pays cash, to a PayPal account, and Amazon pays in Amazon credit. The Amazon credit cannot be used to buy an iPhone 5, but it is god on many other items.

The best part about this deal is that even a two-year old iPhone is worth enough to cover the cost of upgrading. Here are the trade in prices at Amazon and eBay Instant Sale today. Prices listed are usually for an AT&T iPhone. The Verizon iPhone is worth slightly less.

Prices are dropping quickly, with the price of the iPhone 4 16GB on AT&T dropping from $200 to $145 in the last hour. It’s wise to lock in a trade for 7 days, before prices drop further.

iPhone 4 – 16GB

  • eBay Instant Sale – $145
  • Amazon – $260

iPhone 4 – 32GB

  • eBay Instant Sale – $200
  • Amazon – $330)

iPhone 4s – 16GB

  • eBay Instant Sale – $240
  • Amazon – $370

iPhone 4S 32GB

  • eBay Instant Sale – $265
  • Amazon – $400

iPhone 4S 64GB

  • eBay Instant Sale – $350
  • Amazon – $470

These prices are for a working iPhone in good condition without water damage.

eBay Instant Sale and Amazon both cover shipping, and allow for a 7 day price lock, so users can get their new iPhone 5 set up over the weekend before shipping it out.

The video below covers the iPhone trade in process. There are many other companies that buy old iPhones, but eBay Instant Sale and Amazon are offering the best prices.

Site’s like Gazelle and NextWorth offer longer price locks, so they are a better option for users that won’t get their iPhone 5 until October.



  1. Edit

    09/20/2012 at 11:15 am

    *Too late

  2. iphonenipadca

    09/28/2012 at 12:54 am

    You can do that but again you’d have change accessories like iPhone 4S covers as well.

  3. Juliana Jolie

    10/06/2012 at 10:00 am

    Regardless if you are using the iphone 4 or 4s, the iphone 5 is a signfiicant enough improvement that it warrants upgrading, whether or not your free upgrade is available from your carrier. If it isn’t you could try selling your old phone for around $356.56 According to Movaluate’s fair price appraisal, you should be able to easily sell your phone for that much, which could help pay for the $750~ y ou will need for teh iphone 5 off contract.

  4. lonrun

    10/16/2012 at 9:14 am

    I wish I had looked into this further before I used them. I trusted the Ebay brand and that a big company like that wouldn’t rip me off. Wow, was I wrong.

    The ask only a super general condition assessment before making their offer. Concerned about this I called and asked what the inspection criteria are and was pretty specific. They assured my if the phone was cosmetically in descent shape and worked my offer would be honored. Once they got the phone my offer dropped from $235, to $100 because of “dead pixels”. What a scam. The phone was like new.

    Here is the email I wrote eBay Instant Sale in rejecting their offer:

    [I]”I went out of my way to call your company in advance to understand what the valuation criteria is. Based on my trust in Ebay as a company and the specifics offered in that call I chose eBay for the transaction. There were a number of options I was considering.

    The final valuation is less than half the original offer and does not reflect the criteria described to me in advance. To lower a valuation over half is a steep adjustment. That type of adjustment means these criteria are considered “huge” and they could easily have been outlined in advance (strict review policies based on… etc). They could have been outlined online or in my very specific call to you before I accepted the offer. I was assured as long as the item was not dramatically physically damaged and worked, that my offer would be honored. No mention of other criteria or inspection types. I was specific in my call.

    You misled me, wasted my time, and now upon sending the phone back I have lost the opportunity to sell the item at the price I would have received when I selected eBay.

    This is basically fraud – making a misrepresentation – agreeing to a finical transaction under specific terms and then not honoring it.

    Though I didn’t look into it before I selected eBay I have since searched online and found a shocking number or reviews and comments reflecting the same experience I’ve had.”

    It’s sad to me that eBay has allowed themselves to sink to a level where they are involved in something like this to make money. This has changed my opinion of eBay and I will be sure to warn anyone I know that this is how eBay operates.[/I]

    Don’t trust these guys. And shame on eBay. For real.

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