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It’s Not Too Early To Be Thinking About the 2009 CES Tablet PC Meetup



Oh, my how time flies. Lora Heiny is reminding us that it isn’t too late to be thinking about the 2009 CES Tablet PC Meetup. Each of the last several years we’ve seen new interest in each new wave of mobile devices including UMPCs and MIDs. Lora is interested in making sure that as the industry looks forward, the opportunity for inclusion of newer technologies is there as well.

The industry is advancing and I want to make sure that the product interests represented are forward looking. Yes, I’m sure there will be plenty of Windows 7 chatter and hardware comparisons. A couple years ago we expanded the gathering to include mini-Tablet PCs more commonly known as UMPCs. Last year people interested in MIDs attended. My observation is that the common connection is an interest in natural input. Do you agree?

Following that logic, what do you think if Surface is included? What about… yep, I’ll ask (gulp) — iPhone? (Of course, Macworld may overlap, as the gathering has most recently been on the 3rd day of CES. So, it might just be like ’08 where people are welcome to pull out their iPhones.)

And yes, then the gathering will need a new name…suggestions?

So, what do you think folks, a new name? Is it time? I notice Lora doesn’t include Netbooks. Should they be included.   The discussion is open.

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