It’s Safe to Get the Free Windows 10 Upgrade Now
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It’s Safe to Get the Free Windows 10 Upgrade Now



Operating systems are very complicated things. An operating system is behind everything that you do on your PC. Every app you open has to connect with it; every mouse or keyboard you connect has to communicate with it. Operating system launches always have issues, but it’s safe to say that early on Windows 10’s launch had some serious problems. Those who downloaded the free Windows 10 update reported issues ranging from crashing apps to devices that wouldn’t even let them log in.

According to Microsoft, the amount of people reporting Windows 10 problems was small compared to the amount of people who were upgrading to the operating system. I appreciated the new features the update added in my Windows 10 review, but later encouraged users to not download the update once it became clear that there were problems on some devices.That’s been our official position on the upgrade since late August.

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Thankfully, Microsoft kept adding fixes and addressing issues in short order. Today, it’s perfectly fine to download the free Windows 10 update. What’s more, I encourage it.

Mores Fixes for Windows 10 Problems Are In Place

Windows 10 is a different kind of operating system for Microsoft. In years previous, Microsoft updated its operating systems at a snail’s pace. It would release a new version, then add in small fixes to address issues that users reported. Once stable enough, Microsoft would forget about adding new features and move on to developing its next operating system update.

Windows 10 problems were pretty big early on. Microsoft has deployed feature fixes at least once a month since the operating system launched. These patches make the operating system more stable and address the issues that users have reported. Memory leaks, failed start-ups, app crashing and Start Menu stability are all things that have improved in Windows 10 since I encouraged users to hold off on upgrading. Downloading the free Windows 10 upgrade is now something you can do without fear you’ll completely wreck your PC. I don’t think that was true for everyone immediately after launch.

If you do run into a problem there’s now roughly three months of knowledge base articles and Microsoft Answers posts to help you quickly troubleshoot that issue.

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Windows 10 Apps Made By Microsoft Have Improved

Another big concern that I had for users downloading the Windows 10 update immediately after release were the apps. As stable as the operating system was for me, I felt that Microsoft had app-specific issues that it needed to address. Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar and People were fine ways to stay organized. They were also buggy. Subsequent updates have made them stable – even though Mail still tends to have an issue with syncing to accounts.

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Every app included with the free Windows 10 upgrade has picked up some new features, making them better than they started out at launch. Mail and Calendar let users better manage multiple accounts without an extra slide-out menu. They’re look can be customized too. Groove Music now boasts integration with iHeartRadio. Microsoft Edge isn’t nearly as wacky on media heavy sites. The Office Mobile apps don’t routinely crash when syncing to business accounts either.

To be clear, Microsoft is updating these apps independently of operating system updates. That’s how many of them have improved dramatically in the last few months.

Microsoft is Planning A Major Windows 10 Update Next Year

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Beyond all of that, Microsoft is planning a major Windows 10 update that’ll address some of the biggest longstanding issues. Reportedly, this update — called Windows 10 Threshold 2 — is due for an announcement any day now and will arrive before the end of the year.

Users complained about drab title bars at the top their apps and tablet multitasking that just didn’t work as well as it did before. Both are fixed in the latest updates sent to members of the Windows Insiders Program. The company took no end of criticism for its confusing, ham-handed way for users to get new Windows 10 product keys. Windows 10 Threshold 2 lets users upgrade using their old product key for other versions of Windows.

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Microsoft Edge, the replacement browser for Internet Explorer, has favorites syncing for the first time. Microsoft has said that there’s better memory management processing working behind the scenes in the downloads that are available to Windows 10 users too.

Whether you should update your device to Windows 10 is completely up to you. Base the decision on the features it adds and the things you need your device for. Just know this, chances are that if you didn’t like Windows 8, you’ll like this operating system. It takes away full screen apps and the Start Screen for users that don’t have touch PCs.

Windows 10 is available to download now for anyone at home who has Windows 7 or Windows 8. The company plans to begin charging for Windows 10 sometime in 2016.



  1. Robert Grimshaw

    10/19/2015 at 6:33 pm

    Oct 19, 2015 – My 64 bit Laptop just got the latest Windows 10 update. Now it’s stuck with that stupid dot circle thing spinning forever. Way to go, Microsoft. My Toshiba laptop got updated too. Then it got really hot and shut off. It’s fried. Totally screwed. What in the hell is Microsoft thinking? How to destroy you customer base in ten easy lessons? I have an older machine wiith XP and this Laptop running Win 7 Home Premium so at least I can do something but Windows 10 just ruined three grand worth of equipment. I don’t know if I can get any of my files back but the really really important stuff i have multiple backups on USB and external drives ( because I don’t trust MS ).Oh, and all my machines had the latest updated Anti Virus and Malware Protection software so it’s not that.

  2. Robert

    10/19/2015 at 6:58 pm

    I would not recommend upgrading to Windows 10 any system which does not receive support from the original vendor. I have a HP Envy acquired May 2013 running Windows 8.1. The MS nagging program says the system is just fine for updates, but HP says that any device sold before Aug 2013 is not supported for W10! A similar situation exists with a Dell Inspiron 1520 running W7 Ultimate which clears the Windows 10 upgrade test but is not supported by Dell. It might be possible to upgrade these system but for any problem showing up it’s up to the user to find the time and hard work to get a system running. Also there is absolutely no guarantee of a successful return to the original OS! So it is ridiculous to suggest to a non IT user to upgrade such a system! It is completely irresponsible by MS to not allow the user to inactivate the nagging program short of uninstalling and hiding the appropriate update.

  3. Eddie

    10/22/2015 at 2:10 am

    It’s great that I can finally circle a date on my calendar! Installed Windows X on its release date, but found the whole thing so buggy and unresponsive on my home-built PC that I decided to just wait for the Threshold 2 update. Crossing my fingers for much better time.

  4. Krishna

    10/24/2015 at 8:11 am

    No safe. Samsung laptops (e.g. NP- RV 511 A 01 IN ) having Broadcom wireless are unable to get upgraded. Neither Microsoft nor Broadcom is solving the problem.

    • Marta

      10/27/2015 at 9:51 am

      Tengo una Samsung rv 511 y tengo el mismo problema, no puedo actualizar a Windows 10, y Samsung Argentina refiere que el problema es de Microsoft. No queda muy claro si son algunos drivers o la Bios. Y nosotros mientras tanto que hacemos?

  5. Thomas

    05/08/2016 at 3:26 am

    Hie guys

    Any new development on how to upgrade to windows 10 on samsung rv 511

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