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It’s Scott eVest Weather



OK. I think this is finally it. We’ve been getting teased by the weather off and on for a few weeks now. Woke up to a cold chill in the air this morning that I think is saying that we’ve finally hit autumn temperatures heading into winter. Of course that’s a relative thing depending on where you live. Our winters are by and large not too terribly cold on average. Last year was abnormal and let’s hope we don’t get more of that this year. But thanks to Scott eVest, I’m prepared in case it does.

In any case, it is that time of year where you take sweaters and pullovers out of the boxes under the bed an put them within handy reach. It’s also time to move outerwear into the front closet or onto each to grab hooks. That means it is time for me to pull out my Scott eVest jackets and transfer things out of my gadget bag into the “coats of many pockets,” where they will live for most of the next few months.

I’ve been using a Scott eVest jacket or coat for about 3 years now. When we hit warmer weather last year I realized last year that this has become a ritual for me when I took things out of my the Scott eVest pockets and increased the size of my gadget bag accordingly. Now things go in reverse. We’re big fans here at GBM of the Scott eVest line of clothing. We’re geeks. We carry stuff.

I’ve always been a fan of “sweater weather”  or “jacket weather.” I’m not a hot weather kind of guy and my gadget collection and my affinity for the Scott eVest outerwear reinforces that as I stuff a phone, an iPod, a camera, cables, batteries, occasionally an iPad, sunglasses, cleaning cloths, USB drives, styli, and other assorted gear into either the Scott eVest Fleece or the Scott eVest Soft Shell. Some things travel back and forth between the two as the weather changes, but some things reside comfortably in those pockets for months at a time, getting pulled out when the need arises. When the real nasty weather or extreme cold hits, I use the Fleece as a vest, removing the sleeves, and wear it under heavy outerwear.

Of late the Scott eVest push has been all about avoiding luggage fees on airlines and that’s also another reason why the clothing line is so popular. But since I don’t fly that much on my travels, for me it is all about feeling like I have what I need on me at all times without having to lug a bag around. The weight distribution system never leaves me feeling bogged down, and the handiest part of it all is that when that autumn chill sweeps in, I’m also warm and toasty.

Here’s a link to lots of GBM coverage on Scott eVest, and a link to a post I did last year on the Soft Shell Jacket. I notice that there is an assortment of new jackets and coats (like the Outback jacket pictured here) that I might have to put on my Christmas Wish List.

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