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iTunes 11.1 Makes Arranging iPhone Apps Easier in OS X Mavericks



Apple released Apple OSX 10.9 Mavericks developer preview 8, a new beta that comes with iTunes 11.1. The new iTunes 11.1b110 (110)  includes a much-needed new feature in the iOS device app management screen. The new layout lets users more easily move app icons around their iPhone or iPad home screens.

iTunes 11.1 keeps the basic layout for iOS device management with one exception. Click on the Apps tab and users will notice that the old vertical alignment of iPhone and iPad screens gets replaced by a new horizontal alignment. Users will enjoy this new alignment because its easier to see their screens and app icons as they organize them.

itunes11.1 offers better app management

Notice the new app management screen. Users can easily resize the home screen images with the slider above the screen previews. To the right notice the plus icon for adding a new iOS home screen to populate with apps.

Below the home screen images we see a folder management feature. Access other folders by scrolling down. The folders get listed in alphabetical order.

The plus icon adds a new page within a folder. Users can rearrange their folders of apps since folders can now hold more than one nine-app grid of icons with iOS 7.

Install or remove apps by clicking on the Install or Remove buttons in the list of apps along the left. Users can also drag apps to a particular screen or folder on the right to install them.

The new arrangement makes rearranging the app icons easier than the old iTunes app management screen.

We don’t see much else in iTunes or the OSX developer preview. The email that developers received discusses developer friendly features like…

  • APIs for new energy-saving technologies
  • AV Kit frameworks
  • Sprite Kit
  • Map Kit
  • Many powerful additions to existing frameworks

Developers will see it in their Software Update feature in the Mac App Store. Regular users can get access it via the devloper program for a fee, which we highlighted recently.

The new version of iTunes 11.1 should come as a free update to users when the OS X Mavericks release date arrives, likely in late October.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emily

    09/23/2013 at 8:45 pm

    Dragging apps from one home screen to another does not work any more. What should one do to rearrange apps now?

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