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iTunes U, iBooks 2 Apps Hint at iPad Retina Display Resolution



If you have any doubt that Apple is working on a higher resolution iPad display for the future, you can look no further than the recently released iTunes U and iBooks 2 apps that were announced and released as part of Apple’s education-centric media announcement for Thursday. Those two apps contain hints of a Retina Display for Apple’s tablets. The icons and image files for those apps reveal references for an ‘[email protected]’ resolution.

The Retina Display references found within the latest apps are not the first time that a Retina Display has been hinted at. In the past, iBooks 1.2 hinted at a higher resolution iPad display. Speculations for a higher resolution iPad have existed even before the iPad 2 was launched, and at some point it was believed that the iPad 2 would have a Retina Display when it would launch. That proved to be untrue, and now there is high speculation that the next iPad release will have a Retina Display.

It’s unclear what iPad will call its next iPad release. Chinese case manufacturers say that the next-generation tablet may adopt the iPad 2S moniker and not the iPad 3 branding.

Via: 9to5 Mac



  1. Art Ander

    01/23/2012 at 5:47 am

    I tried reading ebooks on an iphone and ipad recently after my Sony Reader (PRS500) died. My eyes get so red after an hour (splotchy capiliaries etc). Is this just me? My iphone is a 4S… I don’t know if a retina display on an ipad will make any difference… thinking of buying another eInk ebook reader…

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