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iUsers Brings Multiple User Profiles to iPad, Will Apple Copy in Next iOS Release?



Hackers are now successful in making the iPad a true one tablet-per-family piece of tablet hardware by being able to bring multiple user profile support to the iOS slate by way of a modification called iUsers. With user profiles, users can set their own login and password so that they can view their own information when logged into their profile, such as separate emails and app logins.

The features is a much coveted feature for iOS users who felt that profiles would help make the tablet more personalized for family use. As it stands, with the default shipping version of iOS by Apple, users cannot have profiles. That means that if I were to enter my email login on my tablet, and were to share the tablet with my brother or sister, my brother and sister would see all my emails and if they add their email logins, those emails would show up next to mine.

In the past, notable jailbreak modifications have been adopted by Apple in a future iOS release. For instance, assigning a custom image to the background of iOS was first enabled through jailbreak; Apple had later adopted that feature over the standard black homescreen background in a subsequent iOS release. Multiple Exchange ActiveSync account support is yet another example that was pioneered by the jailbreak community.

Right now, iUsers is complete and will be delivered to jailbroken iPad owners through Cydia shortly.

Via: Engadget

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