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I’ve Done It – I’ve Ordered a Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC



It has been about four months since Dell released their XT Tablet PC, and we still have not been able to bring you a video review of this highly anticipated, but very expensive, capacitive touch Tablet PC. We keep asking and they keep telling us that they are trying to get more eval units in the pool. It’s a sad day when a site dedicated to Tablet PC news and video reviews can’t get a review unit on one of the most talked about Tablet PC releases in years. I have some more thoughts on this subject that I’ll share in a later post ( Dell needs to talk to Lenovo and Toshiba and Motion Computing for advice on how to run an eval program ), but on to the bigger story.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and finally bought one….but man, did it really hurt.

I decided that if I was going to buy one in order to bring the GBM and Tablet PC community a ton of video and text reviews, I was going to do it up right: DLV screen, 64 gb SSD, media base, 2 45-watt adapters, 6 and 9 cell batteries, and the obligatory FieldMate convertible Tablet PC case.  My bank account is empty.

Dell is showing an estimated ship date of April 8, but knowing Dell and how they normally process orders, I’d expect it much quicker than that. So, stay tuned for a barrage of extensive Latitude XT Tablet PC review coverage from the site who knows Tablet PCs the best – Whatever you want to know about the XT, we are going to try and bring it to you.

On another note, I’m finalizing my interview with N-Trig and plan to publish it tomorrow.


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