Jabra Motion: Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Pros
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Jabra Motion: Bluetooth Headset for Mobile Pros



Jabra introduced a new feature-packed Bluetooth headset for mobile professionals. As its name implies, the $129 Jabra Motion is able to sense if it’s moving to improve sound quality and save battery life. We caught up with Jabra Product Manager Morten Urup in San Francisco to check out the company’s latest creation.

The Jabra Motion is the company’s eighth iteration of its ‘behind-the-ear’ design. At first glance, it’s easy to confuse the Jabra Motion with its predecessors, but there’s a lot of new tech under the covers.

jabra-motion 1

Jabra Product Manager Morten Urup Wearing the Jabra Motion

The headset uses an accelerometer to determine if it’s resting on a desk, being worn by a stationary user or someone that’s walking around. It goes into power-saving mode when it senses that it’s resting on a desk and shuts off completely if it stays motionless for 24 hours. The headset automatically adjusts the volume to suit the current environment. It automatically increases the frequency of volume adjustments when the user is in motion since he is more likely to be moving between noisier and quieter places.

One unique smart feature is that the headphone is height adjustable. This means it can slide up and down depending on how big users’ ears are. This means a more comfortable fit and better sound.

Behind-the-ear headsets aren’t for everyone. They’re relatively bulky compared to their in-ear counterparts and they cost much more than smaller Bluetooth headsets.  But while some smartphone users might balk at spending $129, Jabra sees plenty of opportunity in selling upscale accessories like its latest device. 

“We designed the Jabra Motion to be the ultimate headset for the mobile worker,” said Urup. “Mobile workers know they need excellent sound quality. And they know that they will get what they pay for. The only segment we see growth is in the above $100 headset.”

Professionals need to be able to concentrate on their conversations without fiddling with settings. The Jabra Motion is equipped with NFC, which means users can pair the headset by tapping it against the back of select phones, such as the Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4. Urup said that many users will be able to set the volume once and forget about it. The speaker is larger than its compeitors’, which means it has a higher maximum volume.

Jabra Motion

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset

The Jabra Motion’s noise-cancellation algorithms aren’t as aggressive as those on many other headsets. This is to maintain voice clarity and avoids making voices tinny. Jabra is able to dial back the electronic noise reduction thanks to the dual microphone array that’s physically closer to the user’s mouth.


Jabra Motion Folds Up to Save Space

The headset does look bulky relative to in-ear Bluetooth headsets, but Jabra Motion folds up into a nice compact package, as pictured above.

The Jabra Motion will launch in April for $129 and be available at Amazon.com and other electronic retailers.

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